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The Lana Italia Plaid is obtained exclusively from Italian Wools which we select, thanks to our thirty years of experience, directly in the pastures together with the shepherds. We transform the precious and unique raw material only in companies that have environmental certifications and a long textile tradition , to offer a product of the highest quality and exclusivity. The color is obtained thanks to the combination of the different "natural nuances" and no coloring is applied .

The Lana Italia Plaid is shipped directly to your address in "FSC" certified cardboard boxes produced in Italy        (measures L 38 cm x L 38 cm x H 14 cm)

Each plaid contains a "certificate of authenticity" and serial number with declaration and authentic signature of the manufacturer (the indications for the header will be provided with the order confirmation email)

Plaid LANA ITALIA ed. 2021

in 250 esemplari numerati con certificazione personalizzabile


composizione : 100% lana italiana

colore : naturale

peso : 340 gr/mq

misure : 130 x 170 cm (frange incluse)

Euro 129 - (inclusi costi di spedizione Italia)

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Plaid LANA ITALIA ed. 2020

in 250 numbered copies


composition: 100% Italian wool

natural color

weight: 340 gr / m2

size: 130 x 180 cm (fringes included)



Euro 119 - (including shipping costs - Italy)

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